The acronym ZGAC stands for Zero Gravity Arts Consortium.

ZGAC is inspiring a new generation of space adventures while supporting international efforts to set the stage for teams of artists to have permanent access to work on space transportation systems including the International Space Station and space flights to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

ZGAC was Co-Founded in 2004 by Laura Knott, Lorelei Lisowsky and Frank Pietronigro with a consortium of collaborators who continue to grow with each new project.  Frank Pietronigro currently serves as ZGAC Project Director.


Zero Gravity Arts Consortium (ZGAC) is an international space arts organization dedicated to fostering greater access for artists to space flight technology and zero gravity space through the creation of international partnerships with space agencies, space industry entrepreneurs, arts and science organizations and leading universities. ZGAC is the first organization of its kind, based in the United States, that is facilitating parabolic flight projects that will help in the international effort to set the stage for teams of artists to create as key space mission crew members.

ZGAC supports arts, humanities and culture in space education, international outreach and conference programs that are being organized as a way for artists, from all over the globe, to affiliate with us and experience the possibilities of collaborating with space flight technologists.

Frank Pietronigro – ZGAC’s Chief Visionary Officer was the first American Artist to create drift paintings in zero gravity .  Here is an historical image showing him ‘Drift Painting’ in Zero Gravity on April 4, 1998.

Frank Pietronigro Drift Painting in Zero Gravity, 1998

Frank Pietronigro Drift Painting in Zero Gravity, 1998

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