ISAW4: OPENING INTRODUCTIONS, Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Mountain View, California

ISAW4: EXPOSITIONS: Space Art Exhibition, Monday, May 20, 2013, The SETI Institute sponsored by the STUDIO For Creative Inquiry, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with the SETI Institute, Taksha University, Zero Gravity Arts Consortium.

Douglas Vokoch opens the exhibition at the SETI Institute with the work of Kitsou Duboise featured on the walk presented in the ISAW4 accompanying exhibition curated by, Jean Luc-Soret titled: Expositions

Lowry Burgess, Dean and Professor Emeritus, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, ISAW4 Co-Chair

Frank Pietronigro, ZGAC Co-Founder, Artronaut, Professor, Author, ISAW4 Co-Chair

Celestine Star, ZGAC Technical Crew Member, Golden Star Productions

Lowry Burgess and the STUDIO For Creativity, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University Team during installations

Sponsored by Taksha University and the SETI Institute

Dr. Yvonne Clearwater shown here observing some of the art works destined for space flight.



ISAW4: YOGA FOR SPACE HEALTH, Starts ISAW4 on Sunday, May 19, 2013, Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Mountain View, California

Pete Woden, NASA Ames Center Director Presentation

Dr. Yvonne Clearwater Presentation: NASA ArtSpace

Frank Pietroingro: Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, Space Wishes: Spacecast Chorus, Sub-Oribtial Flight for an Artronaut

ISAW4 HANGOUTS! Virtual Connection To ISAW4 participants in Paris, London, and other off-site locations:

Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles

Department of History, Yale University

I have been writing about art and science, especially in Naked to the Bone: Medical Imaging in the 20th Century, and Almost Heaven: The story of Women in Space.  I have given talks on Art in Zero Gravity at NASA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, 2007, and in Budapest, Hungary, in 2008, and in New York at a small CAA meeting in October 2012.  I am interested in how artists and scientists bounce ideas off one another,  influence each other in the media they choose to work in, and in the meanings they find in like circumstances. I am also interested in the national, ethnic and personal reflections of various artistic interpretations of similar experiences in Zero Gravity, and reflections on the future of space exploration as artists become active participants.

Ottoleo Kuter-Arnebeck

McGill University

Carnegie Mellon University Moon Arts Group

For four years or so, Ottoleo has been thinking and making, from one three river city (Pittsburgh) to another (Montreal). At McGill University, I’ve been building and working in the micromechanical (MEMS) industrial revolution as a doctoral candidate in the Nanosystems  and Microsystems Laboratory.  Here, we are interested in utilizing the control that micromachining affords to study structure-process effects as it relates to vibrations and energy loss.  Lately, we have a single-crystal silicon microcantilever resonator platform to observe the stochastic motion of atoms through the vibration of the aggregate, the thermomechanical noise, and characterize the information that can be extracted from this measurement.  For science, this is exciting because we can access and harness atomic motion.  For art, this is profound because we can experience the essence of the largest smallest unit of matter.  And this is where I am going with my art practice: functionally small-scale.  Small is especially fine for extraterrestrial settings where mass and volume are costly.  For the future, I will be working on integrating micro/nano art into industrial and academic research through advocacy and practice.  Soon I will be designing and building a re-sealable mcirofluidic container to house a genetic library on the moon.

Carolina Ramos

Moon Arts Group/STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University

Carolina Jacobs Ramos is an interdisciplinary Brazilian artist, currently living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. Fascinated by impalpable biological and social processes, Carolina interprets imaginary living interactions. While participating in Lowry Burgess’s Space Art Studio at Carnegie Mellon University, she began to translate her interests in space, biology and art into a collaborative micro sculpture. Along with Ottoleo Kuter-Arnebec and Lowry Burgess, Carolina developed the Lunark as part of the Moon Arts Group. Later, as the project coordinator for the Moon Arts Group at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, she organized workshops, events and grants to support and disseminate materials for the project. She is currently an artist in residence at Unsmoked Systems in Braddock, PA and working towards her Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in mental health. Carolina has exhibited at a variety of venues including Espaco Viga in Sao Paulo, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition and The Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh. She received a BHA in Psychology and Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University.

Virgiliu Pop

Romanian Space Agency

Virgiliu Pop (b. 1974) is a Researcher at the Romanian Space Agency, where he conducts research in the areas of space law as well as space and society, and where he is in charge with several space education and outreach programs. An alumnus of the International Space University (SSP ’07, Beijing), Virgiliu has published several articles, book chapters and books and has been interviewed by media outlets as diverse as The Space Show, BBC, the New York Times Magazine, New Scientist or Wired. His interest in space art is linked with his research in the field of space, popular culture and

spirituality, especially concerning the relationship between space exploration and sacred art”

ISAW4 Lunch

ISAW4 Attendee Celestine Star, Zero Gravity Arts Consortium – Inspired During Her Virtual Trip To Italy at Autodesk Innovation Lab at Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Mountain View, California

ISAW4 Co-Chair Frank Pietronigro, Zero Gravity Arts Consortium – Inspired During His Virtual Trip To Italy at Autodesk Innovation Lab at Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Mountain View, California, 2013

ISAW4 Co-Chair Adarsh Deepak, Taksha University – Inspired During His Virtual Trip To Italy at Autodesk Innovation Lab at Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Mountain View, California, 2013