Based in the United States, ZGAC is the first international space arts organization of its kind in the world. Its existence gives evidence of a growing movement towards cultural and artistic expression in space that is now abundantly proliferating right alongside scientific pursuits.  ZGAC directly supports artists in gaining access to space flight technologies in support of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music and Mathematics).   We at ZGAC know that the arts and cultural expression are on par with science and technology and hybridization is key to our future success as a species.

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European Space Agency Research & Technology Centre, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 2004

ZGAC was introduced to space scientists and engineers by ZGAC Co-Founders: Laura Knott, Lorelei Lisowsky and Frank Pietronigro with a consortium of collaborators who continue to grow with each new project. In 2004, the establishment of our organization was discussed during the Space: Science, Technology and the Arts, the 7th Workshop On Space and The Arts, during a ZGAC presentation our Co-Founders made at the European Space Agency Research & Technology Centre. This international meeting of space artists, scientists and engineers was sponsored by Leonardo/Olats, The OURS Foundation, together with the European Space Agency and the International Academy of Astronautics – Commission VI.

Frank Pietronigro currently serves as ZGAC Projects Director.



A New Media Interdisciplinary Performance Collaboration To Be Created During A Sub-Orbital Flight

These ongoing spaceflights for artronauts will offer unique opportunities for interdisciplinary artistic collaboration during space flights between ‘Ground Crew’ audiences and a 21st Century Artronauts who will go into space in harmony with space scientists and engineers.

Humanity is at a unique point in history where people of Earth are going out into space, in ever increasing numbers, with newly accessible sub-orbital spaceflights. Through the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium’s Artronauts into Space Program, such as Space Wishes sub-orbital flights for artronauts, we have the unique opportunity to combine the arts and culture with space science, engineering and exploration in effective ways where artists utilize space flight technology as a medium for engaging support for global human development goals.

These interdisciplinary, multicultural, intergenerational space arts projects will help show people that space exploration is culturally and artistically important, and to showcase how artistic action, community engagement and social media interactions can be utilized to help create new solutions to address the humanitarian issues facing our home planet, Earth including poverty and disease.

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